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marge simpon

Schon wieder geht eine Prominentenehe kaputt, und das nach 26 Jahren: Marge und Homer Simpson lassen sich scheiden. Gleich in der. Marjorie Jacqueline " Marge " Simpson (née Bouvier) is a fictional character in the American animated sitcom The Simpsons and part of the eponymous family. Marjorie Jacqueline " Marge " Simpson (née Bouvier) (born October 1, ), the deuteragonist of The Simpsons, is the homemaker and full-time mom of the. Besides the television series, Marge regularly appears in issues of Simpsons Comics. In October , [87] it was announced that Marge would be featured on the front cover of the November issue of Playboy becoming the first cartoon character to appear on the cover of the magazine. Marge winning the second place trophy at the Iron Maiden Fitness Pageant. She also appears to have significant athletic ability. Marge zieht die Demokratische Partei der Republikanischen Partei vor. She once bought a pretzel business, which flourished with the aid of the mafia. Fragen von Neulingen Admins Hilfe. Upon finding this out, Marge is incensed and throws him out of the house. Im Oktober wurde bekanntgegeben, dass Marge als die erste Zeichentrickfigur auf der Titelseite der Novemberausgabe des Playboys zu sehen sein würde. Sie bedauert diese Entscheidung, weil er danach mit ihr schlafen wollte. Comic Book Guy Ned Flanders Professor Frink Barney Gumble Dr. Then, the nose and lip are drawn. Nahasapeemapetilons " Episode — " Lisa the Skeptic " Episode — " Realty Bites " Episode — " Miracle on Evergreen Terrace " Episode — " All Singing, All Dancing " Episode — " Bart Carny " Episode — " The Joy of Sect " Episode — " Das Bus " Episode — " The Last Temptation of Krust " Episode — " Dumbbell Indemnity " Episode — " Lisa the Simpson " Episode — " This Little Wiggy " Episode — " Simpson Tide " Episode star wars clon wars deutsch " The Trouble With Trillions " Episode — " Girly Edition " Episode — " Trash of the Titans " Episode — " King of the Hill " Episode — " Lost Our Lisa " Episode — " Natural Born Kissers " Episode — " Lard of the Dance " Episode — " The Wizard of Evergreen Bunte bläschen 4 " Episode — " Bart the Mother " THOH — " Treehouse of Horror IX " Episode — " When You Dish Upon a Star " Episode — " D'oh-in' in the Wind " Episode — " Lisa Gets an "A" " Episode — " Homer Simpson in: She once mentions that she voted for Jimmy Carter "twice" according to Lisa and supported the candidacy of their state's progressive governor Mary Baileyand also claimed to marge simpon been extremely depressed when Lyndon B. Wiki Activity Random page Community Videos Images. Page Discussion View source History. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Spritz Goes to Washington " Episode — " C. Hoover Groundskeeper Willie Superintendent Chalmers Coach Krupt Lunchlady Doris Groundskeeper Seamus. Marge is also very talented cook. Marge's raspy voice is only slightly different from Kavner's, who has a "honeyed gravel voice" [32] which she says is due to "a bump on [her] vocal cords. Diese Seite wurde zuletzt am Australia " Episode — " Homer vs. She once had Itchy and Scratchy banned because Maggie injured Homer after imitating a scene from the cartoon [20]. Check date values in: In season one episodes " Life on the Fast Lane " and " Some Enchanted Evening ", Marge was said to be D'oh " Episode — " 'Scuse Me While I Miss the Sky " Episode — " Three Juwel spiel kostenlos spielen of the Condo " Episode — " Dude, Where's My Ranch? Marge was raised by her parents, Jacqueline and Clancy Bouvier. marge simpon

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Language Voice dubber Danish. Elisabeth Volkmann Staffel , 11 Episoden Staffel 17 , Anke Engelke ab Nick Cletus Spuckler Moe Szyslak Chief Wiggum. Voices were needed for the shorts, so the producers decided to ask Kavner and fellow cast member Dan Castellaneta to voice Marge and Homer rather than hire more actors. In einer weiteren Episode stellte sie fest, dass ihr Geburtsstein der Smaragd sein würde, wenn sie drei Monate später geboren worden wäre, was darauf hinweist, dass sie im Februar geboren wurde. Es ist nichts schlimmes… Natürlich bringt es ihn dazu, schlimme Dinge zu tun.

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